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New on my table... [Dec. 26th, 2008|06:11 pm]
Dinner at my place?


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I posted the dimensions of my diningroom table and hinted strongly that I wanted some new linen for it...
A member of our extended family has come through for me and there is now a BEAUTIFUL lace table cloth planning to make it's debut!

Being in my home town for the holidays gave me the chance to drive over to one of my favoite antique shops. I was in search of more salt cellars for my collection, serving dishes, etc... Having gotten some real treasures there in the past I was really looking forward to it, but alas, they building was empty and dark.
I drove around to some of the other places in the area, where I have scored treasures in the past, but few were open, and none had anything that really appealed to me.

On the upside, my aunt gave me more vintage kitchen gadgets and a stack of cast iron pans. My mother bought me a new set of everyday dishes for my kitchen. (12 full place settings) Not sure it was a pattern I would have chosen, but they will be an improvement over the 12 year old mismash of dishes I am currently using for dailyware.

I am thinking of hosting some sort of New Years event and showing off the new additions. I have a set of glass party dishes with snowflakes cut into the glass, very 1950's, that would be perfect for some sort of cocktail event. It might be too late though, the invitations would needed to have gone out weeks ago. Maybe some thing informal?

Any excuse for a dinner party!