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CT... but interesting... thought I would share. [Sep. 6th, 2006|07:03 pm]
Dinner at my place?


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*A Late Summer Wine Tasting in New England*
Presented by Sumptuous Service Events
"The art of exquisite service D/s style"

Saturday, September 16th at 7pm

Hartford Area/The Location and Directions will be sent to people who RSVP

*First Course:* Blue Cheese Cheesecake with Mixed Greens in a Pear Vinaigrette
A twist on the traditional cheese platter at a wine tasting, it is a savory cheesecake with a hint of rosemary served with field greens
tossed in pear vinaigrette.
*Second Course:* Black olive tapenade with goat cheese
An olive spread originating from southern France that mixes olives, garlic, herbs, and olive oil on toasts with a mellow goat cheese.
*Third Course:* Country Terrine/Pate
Frequently referred to as "a French meatloaf" it is a combination of ground meats, cognac and a variety of flavors served with toasts, red onion jam, and country grain mustard.
*Fourth Course:* Chocolate Pot de Crème
A classic French dessert that is a decadent rich pudding verging on custard paired with a crisp delicate cookie.

*Dress Code: * No jeans, shorts, sneakers, or sandals. Tasteful Fetish wear is appropriate

$25 per person if Pre-Paid ~ $30 per person if paid at the Door

To RSVP and for other information visit: www.wildfleurs.com/sumptuous or email wildfleurs@snet.net