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New books [Aug. 13th, 2006|05:11 pm]
Dinner at my place?


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The Rituals of Dinner: Visser, Margaret Actually looks like a serious read. A history/anthropology of dining rituals. definitely NOT an afternoon read at the beach.

In The Royal Manner by Paul Burrell I knew this would be more of a bling book than something of practical value... but it was $0.79. He did have one or two good pieces of advice. The vast majority of the book appears to be a cook book.

The Little Book of Etiquette by Dorothea JohnsonThis is actually a "miniature" book... well, not to scale miniature, but one of those little books they keep up by the register for impulse buying. I bought it as a gift for fbplayr23, not because she needs it, but because I wanted her to feel included in my planning for this sort of thing.

These are the books that arrived earlier in the week that folks asked for pictures of...
The Perfect Setting by Wolfman, Peri; Gold, Charles Absolutely beautiful, inspiring.

Roberts' Guide for Butlers and Household Staff (Paperback)
by Robert Roberts

I expect I will quote from this book often. A bit of a dry read, it is clearly from an era where excellent service was expected.

Summer is nearly over, I guess I should get busy with my summer reading.